Ing.M. Hustiuc-Cretu

                 SOIL  ANALYSIS


      Samples are taken diagonal from 3 points in the field (5-20ha maximum) and mixed for one result after which all nutritional values plus ph is analyzed from the sample.

As fallows:

-Nitrogen under all forms: ammonium nitrogen, ammonia, ammonium, nitrate nitrogen, nitrate

-phosphorus under all forms: free phosphorus, phosphate, orthophosphate;

-potassium: free potassium form and potassium oxide


-%humidity and %solids

Micro nutrients can also be analyzed, as follows: Ca, Mg, Mn, Cu, Zn, Fe, Br.

All results are given in dried solids, and all results can be in English and Romanian 

Price macro elements:     245.50 lei


Price micro elements:  86.60lei